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How do I control nail fungus until I go to the doctor? whatmore 7,202 9
by perrinskincare
Attn: ointment of the month clubmembers Blotchy Bloke 25 0
by Blotchy Bloke
Probiotic supplement seams to be helping too. Blotchy Bloke 580 2
by menglanfang
Re: LS and Creme Complete Chris 2,053 4
by menglanfang
Is my experience normal? Rockydoodle 285 3
by menglanfang
Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans Michael 3,030 1
by roscoe
Men get it too..a less lonely place. SteveB 7,216 14
by roscoe
Has anyone experienced allergic reaction to Perrins Comlete: Melbourne, Australia Pinny 3,883 6
by Willy52
please help me red 222 1
by perrinskincare
Exploring Lyme Disease Bacteria as Cause for LS CKSteffen 97 1
by Blotchy Bloke
Pediatric vulvar lichen sclerosis question / tearing of posterior fourchette AlmostArabela 87 0
by AlmostArabela
New Diagnosis
1 2 3 4
Diana 32,588 54
by Marie 40
What's worked very well for me. Grown Woman 177 3
by Pattyanngram
Lichen Sclerosus cured - but it took work. perrinskincare 303 0
by perrinskincare
Any active users out there with LS? mrshappy 2,767 14
by Meanjean
5 Year Old Using Creme Complete for Lichen Sclerosus perrinskincare 91 0
by perrinskincare
clitoris obliteration from ls. Any hope for improvement? fmm317 15,509 8
by Reesa2311
My LS Story & Feedback on Creme Complete alisa76 5,133 2
by nosila
new perrins user Loomis 597 0
by Loomis
Recently diagnosed rcindiana 523 0
by rcindiana
Recent LS Diagnosis cswitzer 778 0
by cswitzer
Don't waste on money on this. debbie55r 1,726 2
by Bailey11
LS,low oxalate diet and kefir Canuckgirl 1,034 0
by Canuckgirl
LS and a low oxalate diet beneficial Canuckgirl 1,449 0
by Canuckgirl
Diagnosed with Penile lichen sclerosis Dmcb80 1,131 2
by Dmcb80
what has helped me, 25 years since diagnosis and still well managed stacysharlet 1,530 0
by stacysharlet
Dealing with LS for two years Trukrgrl 2,296 1
by sunn
Bandage irritation jerrysc1 2,464 1
by Linnyowl
Newly diagnosed Twobellas 1,549 0
by Twobellas
apple vinegar 88michal 3,008 2
by 88michal
No more Clobetasol. pianoAmber 3,047 4
by Chris
Sitz Bath Tip PattiK 2,640 0
by PattiK
Just diagnosed with LS at 23 tips? Treatments? BAE89 3,773 5
by Rosemary's baby
Alisa & LS Chris 1,693 0
by Chris
Great improvement with Creme Complete carlita662 2,754 2
by Chris
Is swelling a part of the healing process beothuk 2,602 1
by Evalyn
Miracle laney 2,224 1
by CharolletFaraday
Perrins blend for LS while pregnant? Cami 1,705 0
by Cami
Pediatric LS SeaBird 1,760 0
by SeaBird
What application is best to use for LS? phyllismarie 5,906 10
by Superman
Lichen Sclerosis Dossy 6,423 6
by Superman
Perrin's + clob ok? annelie6868 2,941 3
by 88michal
Living with LS Ro 4,580 2
by Ro
Relief! Meemer 5,620 3
by Mac
LS sufferer jaybee 2,745 1
by justjme65
Natural treatment for ls?????? michale12 2,936 2
by jhonecornar
creme complete jerrysc1 2,391 2
by jerrysc1
Vaginal Dilators jaybee 2,394 0
by jaybee
Just Diagnosed ninasings 3,496 5
by Pia
Thin skin caused by clobetasol patchcrap 2,481 0
by patchcrap
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